Stamp Out Hunger

Unloading vehicles during our recent Stamp Out Hunger Food drive

Stamp Out Hunger

Board members are active participants in the running of the pantry 

Stamp Out Hunger

Food being organized, weighted and stocked. 

Essential Volunteers

The food pantry's success is predominantly due to the activities of our workers and active board members. Seven days a week our volunteers are working to welcome customers to the pantry, stock shelves, organize food carts, move food boxes, weigh food donations, pick up donated food from local grocery stores and food banks and communicate to the surrounding community the needs of the pantry. 

Volunteers are always welcomed. Groups often organize canned food drives and other community initiative programs that engage the generosity and compassion of citizens. 

If you would like to volunteer or would like do a food drive, please contact us at info@streatorfoodpantry.com

Thank you to all the volunteers and their families for making the food pantry successful and flow.