Ways to Give


The food pantry is thrilled to accept donations of food items or cash. 

Food items should be in date and not damaged.  It is great to have canned veggies, fruits, soups, jelly, noodles, mac-n-cheese, ketchup, mustard, pop tarts, granola bars, oatmeal and salad dressings. 

Toiletries and Personal Items are welcomed additions to food pantry donations. Personal hygiene items, diapers, sanitary pads, diaper wipes, soap, hair shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. are all items that we cannot get through the food banks. Whenever these items are donated, it helps us save money that we can direct towards other food purchases. 

Cash is greatly appreciated. We purchase food through Riverbend Food Bank which is an organization that seeks to provide food to pantries across Illinois.  Cash donations used to purchase food from food banks goes so much further.  Along with the food banks we also utilize local grocery stores to help fulfill the needs beyond what the food banks offer.  Cash donations also go towards paying rent, insurance, utilities and other basic necessities to run a successful food pantry. The food pantry is run 100% by volunteers.  No one is paid at the Streatorland Community Food Pantry. That is why volunteering is essential.  

Donations (food and other necessities) can be either brought to the pantry during our regular hours or by special drop off appointment.  Cash donations can be set up via our Paypal link (coming soon) or check mailed to: PO Box 952, Streator, IL 61364-0592. 

Cash donations can also be given as a sustaining gift via our Foundation (see below).

Streatorland Food Pantry Foundation: 

Beginning in 2023, the Streatorland Food Pantry Board joined with the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation to create a long term giving opportunity.  The Streatorland Community Foundation is designed to ensure that financial gifts given to the food pantry via the foundation are held for the long term viability of the pantry. The foundation offers security for gifts that will continue to support the pantry well and beyond today's current needs. Gifts given to the Foundation are invested to ensure indefinite support for the pantry.  The foundation accepts financial gifts in the form of stocks, cash, and property assets and also accepts bequeaths that seek to sustain the food pantry for years to come. Please consider remembering the Streatorland Food Pantry today and in the years to come. If you would like more Information on how you can give please reach us at Info@streatorfoodpantry.com

To Give to the Foundation Click on the Image below

To give to the Operating Budget click on the Image below

To give a sustaining gift via the Streatorland Food Pantry Foundation click on the Image above. You will be redirected to the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation. 

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To give to our daily operating budget please give using our Paypal link above. Click on the heart and hand image above to donate today. You can also set up recurring donations via this link. 

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Did you know? If you are having a special food drive and would like a representative from the Streatorland Community Food Pantry there to accept or speak we would be happy to come. 

Contact us at info@streatorfoodpantry.com or call at 815-673-3688.